Why A Little Boredom Is Essential To Your Success

We all create something. Whether it’s in our head or we’re working to physically create it. Ideas pop into our heads all the time but life happens and we don’t quite remember everything we think about. That’s just how the brain works. Therefore, when an idea comes into my head for my brand, I carry around a physical notebook to jot down the ideas that I have. Typing it on your phone is okay as well. But, when you physically write something down it triggers something in your brain more than putting it in your phone where their is an overwhelming amount of apps that your brain wants to go on more than looking at your notes.

When do these great ideas arise?

Well when you are bored… That’s right when you’re bored!


When you unmask the meaning of boredom, piece by piece, you discover it is the desire for desire. I came across this because when I write in my notebook, it’s always in the moments of laying in bed, after I get out the shower, road trips,  dazing off, etc.


When we get bored, our minds don’t shut off. It’s still creating more and more. These are the times that you are getting some one on one time in your own head. This time is sacred.

This time is sacred because the life of the creative is led, directed, and controlled by boredom. 

Take this time seriously because your mind is going to push you in the direction you need go towards and can create some pretty amazing things little by little. Everything will add up and your success will be proof.

Buy a notebook, always have a pen/pencil on you, and collect these moments. Because when they come to you, it feels like it just hits you in the face then it’s gone if you don’t take action!

Happy Friday!


Love you, Later♥


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