5 Tips I Learned When I Rerouted My Life

The best thing I’ve done in my life this year is be completely open to whatever comes into my life. From life opportunities to the people that come in and out of your life.. You’ll never know where they will take you. But, you have to take a leap of faith and stay committed to the big picture instead of what you planned would happen in this or that part of your story.

For some, this is a hard lifestyle to live. You either like knowing where you’ll end up at a certain part of your life or you want to be able to explain your life to others like you know what your doing. But the reality of that is that, you really can’t. Because life is always about rerouting. 


Rerouting isn’t just what Siri yells at you when you made a wrong turn. Rerouting is about adding that turn you made into your life and still make it to your end destination, your dreams! The drive itself is full of so much beauty, self awareness, and courage.


How can you start living this open-minded rerouting lifestyle? 

Know you can handle a few scars


Life will want to teach you a few lessons. From a butt-load of stress to something going completely different than you “expected,” you have to know that you can take being put down.  Achieving your dreams doesn’t mean you won’t fail anymore, it only means you know what it takes to stay where you want to be.


Don’t let expectations hinder your path


Setting short-term expectations for an opportunity is the recipe for failure. When you expect something to be more than what it is. You miss the beauty of what you have and you only see what you want.

 Let others teach you


I believe that good people bring out the good in people. Everyone around you have seen another part of life that you haven’t experienced. Their experiences have helped them grow into the person they are today and so forth. When you live an open life, you are opening up a gateway for others to come into your life. I can honestly say that I have learned at least one thing about life from all of the people around me which helps me feel more open. It’s like looking at a painting. You don’t just see a painting, you see the details of each stroke that went into the painting.



Being vulnerable is not about winning or losing. It’s about the courage of being seen. The true you, flaws and all. You have no control over what others may think or the outcome of certain situations. But, being vulnerable to what you believe is scary, freeing, and inspiring all at once.


Seek adventures


Living an open lifestyle isn’t so easy at first. So, to take that first step start seeking some adventures that you would be interested in. Still in your circle but still a little out there. Kind of like a bucket list but a bit deeper. I personally find travel blogs and youtube videos quite helpful to really open my eyes into what life could possibly offer me!

Here are some of my favs:

Solo Traveling

High on Life

The Process

Love you, later.

♥ Mik

Millennial Note

You’re always one decision from the life you want… Take action!


4 Comments on “5 Tips I Learned When I Rerouted My Life

  1. Great post! I actually recently shared the same type of tip to my mother and brother. Don’t think everything is going great when life isn’t challenging, and that everything is a disaster because when life is challenging”. Expectations are such a major road block for any sort of progress in life.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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