Why You Should Stop Explaining Yourself To Others

Judgement is all around us and there’s nothing you can do to stop that. But, you can stop explaining your actions or decisions to others that may have a different mindset on what may be “right” for you.


Start living in a way that the judgement around you is irrelevant and live to be an encourager. Live to be an encourager because the world has enough critics to get by. When you encourage others it shines a light in them and what you see in others, exist in you. Be the light in the room and let it shine through others.

When you live a brighter life, you start to understand your worth in this world. You may not have all the answers but you start to make decisions in your life that pass your good judgement.

 It’s no ones job to judge another nor to figure out if someone deserves something or not. People want the perfection that doesn’t exist.


Why should you stop explaining yourself to others?



Ask yourself these questions:


1. Are you happy with your decision?

2. Is your decision beneficial?

3. Is there more good qualities than bad?

4. Can you embrace the imperfect?

5. Can you be unapologetic of your decision?

If you answered “Yes” to at least  half of these questions then do what makes you happy and don’t think twice about it because this is your life and live it to the fullest. Make the days count and worry about your life and not what others think about it.

Love you, Later.

Mik ♥

Millennial Note

I don’t know the perfect person. I only know flawed person that is still worth loving.

Add more kindness to the world, not judgement.

5 Comments on “Why You Should Stop Explaining Yourself To Others

  1. One of my favorite movies is Moneyball, and in it Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt) encourages his second in command to quit explaining himself to everyone. He says, if you believe in this thing you’re doing, go for it and stop trying to get others to understand. The results will speak for themselves!

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  2. thanks for these words and perfect timing in my life! i still go through the normal ups and downs when people make me nervous when i have to explain or defend myself. we all have limits and boundaries and there is absolutely nothing wrong with defining them. you know what i notice? the people that make me nervous better stay away, because they are making me feel bad or uncomfortable or whatever, and you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to anyone! people that want to be in your life like you as you are, and it feels great. that’s it!

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  3. Over time I eliminated preceding an explanation with sorry. Why did I need to apologize before explaining myself and why in the heck did I find the need to explain myself in the first place? I have encouraged my mother to eliminate, “Sorry … “, from her vocabulary.

    Explaining ourselves to others and preceding sentences with, “Sorry … “, greatly reflect how we feel about our place in the world. When we no longer feel the need to explain ourselves to or measure ourselves up against others, we feel better about and start to discover along with feel comfortable about our place in the world. Confidence about our place in the world shines through us and is recognizable by others. But if we feel the need to explain ourselves, we may be uncomfortable with our position in life, and the lack of comfortable life posture may be recognized by others.

    Thanks for the post, great brain food!

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  4. Love this and you sum it up with this on powerful sentence “it’s no ones job to judge another nor to figure out if someone deserves something or not. People want the perfection that doesn’t exist.”


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