How to train your brain to be your strongest tool

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on the things that don’t really matter? What if you spent that time actually doing something that will benefit your life choices and future? As easy as it may sound to cut off the small things.. You have to train your brain to focus on what’s true, immediate, and important. Here is how to start:

1) Identify what you know will benefit your future. 

productive .gif

Everyone’s life and goals are different. So start identifying what you do just about everyday that makes you proud and excited for your future. Personally, I want to work in branding and marketing. Times in this industry have changed since we have the world literally at our fingertips. Therefore I always have either my phone of laptop in hand.   Here are my examples on what I believe will benefit my future:

-Social Media



-Networking conferences

2) Understand Why these may benefit you.


Like I stated before, times have changed in the Branding/Marketing industry. Therefore, Social media is a great way to get in contact with other innovative companies I may want to work with. So, I love posting at least once a day to really connect with my followers and gain more of an organic following with like-minded people.

Blogging has been in my life for almost two years now and it helps me grow as a writer and person. I believe that I bring a unique perspective about life and others will see that and will help me make connections in my future. When it comes to Webinars and Networking Conferences, I love that successful people take the time to try and teach the people that are just starting out in their career. Therefore, I take that time seriously to take notes and understand a different perspective that I need to learn.

3) What’s something you find yourself wasting your time doing?


When I say “wasting your time..” I’m meaning what you can do in that time frame that can help you grow but aren’t taking advantage of.

We’re all guilty of it.

-I find myself wasting time reminiscing on other success stories and not doing the work myself.

-I procrastinate by watching hours worth of facebook video

-Lastly, I find myself scrolling and liking others post on social media more than I create my own content.

4) Choose your time wisely!


You have identified what you do in the time that you could be doing something more beneficial. Start to focus on the little beneficial habits you have instead of what doesn’t. When you focus your brain on your strengths and start eliminating it’s weaknesses you’ve created your tool box.

With self-improvement comes success.


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